Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels

With his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Journalism/Public Relations & Film from California State University, Long Beach, Jordan is equipped with tools in communications, writing, photography, media design and social media.

He finds himself constantly writing, whether it’s poetry, articles, blogging or everything in between. As a writer, he wants to focus on social commentary that deals with the intersections of race, gender, sexuality and body positivity – all topics that make up who Jordan is.

As a photographer, he wants to capture context for stories, whether its in his own blog or stories for other writers. He also wants to engage more with conceptual shots and city-photography, ultimately shaping his photos into their own stories.

During his time at CSULB, he worked for several student-run publications as staff writer and editor, which allowed him to hone his skills in commentary, AP style, media design, and photography. He believes in the idea of crafting and mastering your voice, which led him to his work with helping writers cultivate and effectively use their own voice.

Jordan has acquired over two years of experience working with social media, which has made him proficient in content creation, curation and digital marketing. He is currently working independently as a social media strategist and has begun to work in brand designing. 

On the side, he is maintaining a social project, This Is Me, on social media and through blog, which has gained national attention when his photo of model, Megan Kimberling, was featured by PLUS Model Magazine. His friend, Sylvana Uribe, manages the social media for the project. He also is the co-creator of The Self Podcast, which is on iTunes and Google Play Music with his friend, Emily Ayers.

You can view his resume here.

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