Popping-Up "Into Action"

Into Action ran from Jan. 13-21 and it was easily one of the best exhibits I've ever seen. I stumbled upon it from a Facebook event, but it wasn't necessarily on my radar, moreso because I've been going through a lot and just didn't feel like checking out an exhibit. But, I found out one of my friends was volunteering for it and the more she talked about it the more intrigued I got. From there, I grabbed the Unholy Trinity (aka Sylvana, Emily and I) and we embarked to Los Angeles for the pop-up exhibit.


The moment we walked in, we knew that we were about to go on a journey through the lenses of different community members. The exhibit itself was branded as a "large scale pop-up art exhibition, cultural gathering and community organizing action hub in Los Angeles featuring hundreds of inspiring works of art." There were hundreds of pieces that adorned the makeshift walls in the warehouse that held the exhibit, each artwork different that the other but each questioning a construct, referring to an injustice or challenging us to think about where our society is. 

What I found most beautiful about the event was the fact that it was entirely created off of collaboration. As a creative, you tend to lean towards collaboration because that can help foster beautiful work, but I feel like we never know to what extent can it still be effective. Into Action is a reflection of the success that stems from large-scale creativity. There is more that I can say, but art should speak for itself, so check out some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit. Note: I didn't bring my camera (I wanted to be "present," so forgive the dim-lighting and quality),

This one gave me chills

This one gave me chills

I definitely teared up at this installation. RIP to these beautiful souls. We fight for you still.

I definitely teared up at this installation. RIP to these beautiful souls. We fight for you still.

One thing I also enjoyed was one of the activities within the exhibit. They gave you the opportunity to write on ceramic plates, anything you want, and then destroy. Emily joined me on the mission and smashed "Beauty Standards" on hers. On my plate I wrote, "You're too..." with an array of adjectives because I've always grown up hearing that I'm "too much" of something. What did I do with the plate? Watch the video below to see!