Rebranding - "Your Positive Jo"

Rebranding - "Your Positive Jo"

For the past few months, I've called my blog "Fat, Queer and Questioning." You may or may not have noticed it but regardless, it wasn't sitting right with me. At least not anymore. 

When I called it that, I was angry with a lot of things and didn't know how to channel that. To be quite honest, I'm still a little angry and I don't have to channel that either. But I'm also happy. I'm a point in my life where I'm happy with where I'm at, which is an extreme privilege to say. I want to clear, however, that I had to work for this happiness.

I had to manifest this happiness.

It did not come easy and it still isn't easy, but I'm working more towards it a little more each day. Because of that, I want my blog (which I need to use more) to reflect this positivity I'm experiencing. So, for now, I will be calling this...

Your Positive Jo!

This is a play off "a cup of joe" because I love coffee and I want to spread more positivity around me. Whoever I can affect, I want to affect them with light. I want my words to radiate that, even when I'm being serious. I want to end my notes with optimism, because there's always room for that somewhere. 

So, welcome to "Your Positive Jo," wish me luck on this change in direction and I truly hope that you feel something from this. Also, hopefully I'll be able to create some sort of logo for this...If you got any skills please feel free to help a bitch out! 

Peace, love and positivity