Since the moment “blog” became a word, I knew that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to write and document everything that filters through my brain, more so because my brain filters so much throughout the day.

If I’m being honest, I’m never really at peace.

When I was younger I had an intense stutter, which I still have at times, and it was explained to me that my brain processes things a bit faster than usual, which means that I’m constantly thinking and there really isn’t an opportunity for me to get those thoughts out via verbal communication. This motivated me to begin writing, which I’ve done since, but not in this capacity. There was something about writing in this space, the blogosphere, that always made feel a bit unseasy, as if giving this much of an open look into my mind was exposing myself in the wrong way. But, I’ve spent the past year striving to be as authentic to myself as possible, and this should be part of that.

So, welcome to my creation. Welcome to my website. Welcome to my mind. Welcome to Jordan Daniels (.com). I’m a mess, constantly, but I’m more excited than nervous to navigate through this.

Wish me luck.