Headshots - Christian Galeno

It's one thing to believe that I'm a decent photographer - I think I'm capable and competent. I don't think I'll ever have the mindset that I am the best photographer in the game, or even that I'm necessarily professional. Taking pictures is my passion and I ultimately want to be a visual storyteller, so any chance I get to exercise my passion is so good!


This being said, I was more than thrilled when one of my schoolmates reached out to me to do some headshots for him. He wanted them to be LinkedIn level for headshots, but also a little more fun as well, which was perfect for me because I want to be versatile when it comes to what I shoot...At least before I feel comfortable enough to claim a specialization.

Chris was so extremely fun to shoot, and he photographs so well. I am honored that he went with me and more honored that he had as much fun as I did! Christian, thank you! 

Fun Fact: Chris aspires to work in the film industry and broadcasting. He currently is a host/personality at CSULB and I can't wait to see how his career takes off when he graduates this year!