Coffee Series - Blvd Cafecito

When I think of places that inspire me, I think of coffee shops. Whether they're full-fledged studying spaces or simple over-the-counter shacks, I just love that every coffee shop is different and has its own persona. My obsession has led to me visit a lot of different spots around all of California. Realizing that I have a blog now, and given that my coffee game is pretty stellar, I figure that I might as well start featuring some of the places that I visit! So lemme give a hefty "Yass," to the first spot in my coffee series!

For his job, my brother comes to Burbank every other week, which is great because it gives me a reason to get out of the house and spend time with him. He lives in Sacramento so if it wasn't for his job, I wouldn't see him nearly as often as I do right now.

On Tuesday, I was in Burbank before he was even in the area so I decided to find a coffee shop nearby where I could finish up some writing work that I had to do. It was there that I came across Blvd Cafecito.

Blvd Cafecito.jpg
Blvd Cafecito_1.jpg

I'm way too drawn to aesthetics so I was immediately attracted to both the outside and the inside of the shop. When I stepped in, it smelled like a fresh roast was being made and the energy was bright. The barista, Daniel, was chatting with fixing a drink before he sent a warm smile towards me and another customer. People don't get this, but greetings are so important to the experience of wherever you go, so for him to greet us kindly when he noticed us makes all the difference of our experience. 

The space was large in terms of the overall shop, but seating was limited. To the right was a wall filled with different accessories, phrases, cute orange chairs that remind you of grade-school, a typewriter in the corner, and a sign that let you know that the coffee Blvd Cafecito brews is Intellegentsia.

Blvd Cafecito_2.jpg

It's important to note that"Cafecito" is another word for Cuban-style espresso, which is espresso that is brewed with raw sugar, so it comes out strong and sweet. Blvd Cafecito strives to make that style the base of their coffee drinks.

After chatting it up a little bit with Daniel, I still wasn't sure what to get. I wasn't particular about what I wanted, I just wanted coffee. Five minutes later, a beautiful Cafe Con Leche was whipped up and I was whisked off into heaven! (Shoutout to you Daniel, 'cause that def kept me woke the rest of the day)

Blvd Cafecito_10.jpg

I wish I could have stayed longer, I wanted to bask more in a book they had about LIFE Magazine, but my time there was sweet (coffee pun intended). I will definitely be back next time I'm in Burbank, which will probably be in a few weeks and I'm 99% sure I'm snagging a Cafe Cubano because that's one of my favorites!

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