Ever since I moved back to San Diego, I haven't really reserved much time for myself. The second I got here I was looking for jobs left and right, thankfully secured one within the first month - a job that I absolutely love by the way - and not to mention the whirlwind that was left in the wake of my father's passing. There was so much to do, so much to clean and just so much to process. 

Fast forward to today, April 22, and this is has been the first day since moving back that I've reserved for just me. The in-between was filled with hanging out with friends, family, going up north to honor my dad with my siblings and going to Los Angeles whenever I could. I might have been alone for some moments, but the purpose was never for myself. Which is why I decided to write about my day today. 

I'm calling it #SelfCareSunday - Write it. Tag it. Breathe it and practice it!

As someone that, I believe, is connected to the Universe and the world around me, I'm very conscious of when I need time to myself. My stress is very easy for me to recognize, and it's been telling me for awhile that I need to do something about it. Yesterday I spent with my mom at the beach, reading a book  - Shonda Rhimes' "Year of Yes" - and then I saw an improv show with my friend, Christina and danced the night away together.

I got home late and got up early, but I was filled with energy. I made myself breakfast, which I haven't done in a long time because of my schedule. I made a bomb-ass plate of chilaquiles and a satisfying cup of coffee. I cleaned my room, like deep cleaned it to the point where it's spotless (those close to me can attest how rare that is), changed my sheets and did my laundry. Then I took myself to the barbershop to get my hair cut. My mug been lookin rough for the past weeks and I really needed to get my fade done, edges lined up and beard cleaned. (Barber shops give me so much anxiety and I'll touch on that some time soon) Phillip, my barber, blessed my head and I immediately felt like I could take on the day.

I drove to Encinitas, which is about 20 miles away - also where I work - and visited the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple. I've heard beautiful things about it and I've wanted to visit since I came back so I thought "no better day than today!" I parked at Swami's Surf Beach, an absolutely serene space, equipped myself with the "Year of Yes" and strolled into the gardens. I can't explain how beautiful it was, so I'll leave it to the gallery below. But, know that I spent almost two hours there, meditating, reading and chatting with an artist I met from Los Angeles. (I'll link her below too)

After I left the Gardens, I headed to Better Buzz Coffee in downtown Encinitas to relax and finish some work. I had the best Lavender Black Tea latte. I edited some photos and I just really absorbed all the positive Sunday gave me. Which leads me to right now:

Sitting in my kitchen, just finishing this nice dinner I made myself. My mom isn't home, it's just me and while I usually hate being in the house by myself, I feel an utter sense of peace. If you've made it this far in the post, you're probably wondering what the point of this is. This is it:

Do something that makes you want to write about it. 

Self-care, although monetized and glamorized, is so important for your well-being. "I don't have the time," might be what you're thinking. But you do. In her wonderful book, "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life," Jen Sincero reminds us that not having enough time is only an excuse. If you have a project due or a date, etc., the time somehow appears for you. So, if the time can appear for everything else, then it can also appear for yourself. Show up for yourself, you deserve it

Further than that, not reserving time for yourself leads to a burnout, which leaves you stressed, anxious and not enjoying life. When you practice self-care and take time for yourself, you're granting yourself the time to heal spiritually, mentally and physically. Whatever that looks like for you, whether it's hiking, a movie, or stuffing your face, enjoy the moments you have to yourself and reserve them more. In fact, make every Sunday a #SelfCareSunday. The good lord said it's the "Day of Rest" anyways, right? Shit, I'm not even religious and and I take note of that. It's proven that time alone is necessary for people because it allows them to get comfortable with themselves. It allows us to love ourselves and in the words of Mother Ru, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gon' love somebody else." 

Give me an "Amen" and then go practice some self-care.

PS: That artist I told you about, Nalina Kaufman, is everything and her pictures are absolutely stunning. Check them out profile on Instagram and a sneak peek of her feed below.