Universal Guidance

I really want to explore the feeling of having no purpose.

I imagine that plenty of people can identify with what this feeling is, especially those in their 20s. It's a common conception that we feel the need to have our life figured out, and executed well, by the age of 25. We're fed this idea from childhood and some of us give into that, making it happen. Some of us detach from that completely and live by our own timeline, and some of us are lost in the ether between the two of these. I'm definitely one of those who have been stuck in the middle of it. 

I've always had a plan growing up and I've always seen in through. I've done what I'm "supposed" to do; Go to school, get good grades, go to college and graduate. I got my degree and then I was like "What the hell do I do now?" I realized that I wasn't prepped enough in school to figure it out. I worked two jobs through the summer and fall, which were geared towards my career goals, but didn't fulfill them. I wasn't happy and my family was needing help, so I decided to move back to my parent's house to help them. 

After my dad passed away I was left again feeling like I have no purpose. I planned to move back to take care of him and now that plan wasn't going to happen. I knew moving back was the right decision but I was scared of what to do next. I know that the ultimate goal in life is to work for myself, but I also know this isn't the right time to "just do it." Still, the pressure of having life together was weighing on me. I didn't know how to remedy it and I've been living in a state of depression for the past month. 

I was continually texting my friends, telling them that I didn't know what to do. I told my mom that I didn't know what to do. I told the universe that I was lost and I needed some guidance.

Within this past month, I've learned about the idea of manifesting your own purpose and happiness, and letting the Universe figure it out for you. I started reading this book, "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life," by Jen Sincero and it has slowly helped me out of my slump. I highly suggest reading the book if you feel like you're in a slump and have problems seeing your potential and admitting your truth.

The book talks a lot about connecting to the "Source Energy," an unlimited amount of energy given by the Universe that is accessible when you're vibrating on a higher frequency. (I've attached a link to a HuffPost article that discusses the concept) As someone who meditates and does yoga occasionally (trying to do it regularly again), this spoke to me immensely because I've heard the words several times in my life. (ex. Oprah talks about living at a higher frequency) The book, of course, gives you some tips for how to vibrate higher because the higher you vibrate, the more you can access the Source Energy around you. 

Finding Purpose.jpg

I started meditating again daily. My friend, Emily, got tuned into this app "Calm," that provides guided meditation and helps people whether they're new to it or are getting back into it. I've begun walking around my neighborhood, at least 4x a week, just to get out of the house and into some fresh air, and I've begun some practices of gratitude that are making me appreciate more around me and have really pushed me to allow more energy inside me, regardless of my lost feelings. I've spoken more positivity into myself than I have in a long time. I tell myself I'm beautiful, that I deserve what I want and I'm worthy of the life I desire. And guess what?

I've gotten a job that I've really wanted. It's been a tough process, I've had to go through four interviews and do some exercises, but I start my job tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. This may sound weird to you, but before each interview I would look at myself in my mirror and repeat, "You have the job. You deserve the job. You will slay the job." In addition to my qualifications and passions, I 100% believe that I manifested this into existence as well. I spoke positivity every step of the way and it came back to me. This job aligns with many of my causes, is exactly what I want to be doing right now and will help me accomplish some of the goals I have outlined for 2018. You don't have to believe me and you can totally think I'm crazy, but I encourage you to just try it. Why? Because you have nothing to lose by doing it. If it works, then YASSS. If it doesn't, well you haven't lost anything in the process. 

Below are some tips I have for beginning to connect to the source energy around you. These are just what have been working for me, I believe everything is relative to the person so see what works for you and what doesn't (taking the moment to acknowledge that I am not a spiritual-seer, I am just a 20-something, trying to navigate life too):

1. Meditate. Try to do this daily if you can, at least for 10 minutes. You can do it at any point in your day, but I feel that doing it in the morning feels the best because you begin your day with clarity and breath. This connects directly with energy and your own power. Seriously, try the Calm app and see it work wonders.

2. Get out of the house. Separate from work, get out of the house and move in some capacity. Walk, run, do yoga, swim, etc. This isn't about weight or health, this is about getting yourself into nature, which is a direct result of energy. Try to do at least a half-hour a day or just some "You" time where you're out absorbing the universal energy around you.

3. Forget about the "how." This was said to me by my friend Jen Newton. She actually recommended the book to me and I definitely see her as a spiritual guide in a lot of ways. I told her I felt lost and without purpose and she told me, "Figure out some things you want and why, but don't think about how. Leave the how up to the Universe." Since she's told me that, I have done that. It's not a direct tackle to the issue of "purpose" because it involves you having to figure it out, but it takes out the stress of making the purpose happen at this very moment. Chances are, it doesn't need to and by trusting the how to happen, you're sending that message to the Universe to help you out. 

4. Do you, booboo. I say this with as much fun and life as I can muster. Do some things that make you happy. Take yourself to the movies, dance in your car, hike, explore a new coffee shop every week, etc. Just do whatever the hell you can to #TreatYoSelf at least once a week, in some capacity. I legit do all of the above and then some. A happier you is a more connected you and imagine just how strong you're going to vibrate then! 

Okay, I want to stop overloading you with all the positivity stuff, but I'm serious - Give it a shot. I acknowledge that we're all at different points in our lives and there are definitely layers that may prevent us from seeing this and it's hard to get out of those mindsets but take a step back and say this sentence out loud - You have nothing to lose by doing it and everything to gain if it works.

If you do it, please tell me how it's manifesting for you! I want to know what you're doing because it may even help me as well. Let's spread the love, yeah?

Aight, deuces y'all!

~ Jordan